Call center module is a perfect tool to manage all your delivery operations and
communicate with your restaurant's customers to empower your service.

Call Center module is an efficient solution for delivery businesses offering a powerful hub to exchange
information between customers and branches, forming the link to simplify
order management and communications across outlets while
consolidating branch delivery orders and
enhancing your overall service.


Take customer orders from one centralized location and build customer loyalty

Easily define minimum orders and delivery charges to be added to a bill automatically upon check request, customized per outlet, order type, or location.

Send orders straight to a specific branch's kitchen printers and increase delivery order fulfillment accuracy.

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Simplify Operations

Empower your business’s customer service with an easy-to-use call center module that is scalable to your business needs and adaptable with the features needed to simplify call center to branch operations.

Intuitive Management

Manage every incoming call to your call center and automatically assign orders to be sent to kitchen printers within a specified delivery zone based on the caller's information. Read more... , from there every order sent from the call center gets directed to a branch to get prepared as soon as they are confirmed by the operator with a unique identifier, allowing dispatchers and operators to update the status of the order, merge with existing ones, and keep the call center updated on the order’s status in real-time.Read less...

Full Integration

Call Center module offers full integration with various PBX phone systems, our fleet management solution O-DRIVER and Loyalty solution MERITS, in addition to managing your customer's information and statistics directly from your call center.

Detailed Reports

Generate detailed reports based on customer information to increase your operational efficiency and serving area coverage allowing you to make improved business-related decision-making.